A pointed rebuke of North Douglas elitism

Posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bob Hunsick's letter to the editor on Aug. 1 reminded me of the privileged class of people who live on North Douglas and their out-of-touch view of the rest of the community.

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I grew up with their kids. They're often racist, classist and elitist. They often drink and drive and have parties at North Douglas homes, yet don't get caught because the Juneau Police Department spends more of its time going after the easier-to-catch - the poor kids who don't have a safe home to hide in while breaking the law. JPD patrols the roads of poor kids, while the North Douglas Highway remains one of the most unsafe in Juneau.

After all, poor kids break laws. Minorities break laws. So do rich, white kids. We let them get away with it. I've grown up with a community that shields its privileged kids from responsibility in schools, in the justice system and in their homes.

And now we have some people who want to ride their ATVs. After all, they get drunk, break laws and ruin property. They just don't happen to be North Douglas kids; so it must kill people like Hunsick.

I can imagine letters in response to my broad stroke in painting the North Douglas community. There are many good people who live in North Douglas, however, sometimes a sharp point is needed in these instances. It's up to people to recognize the shades of gray.

Ishmael Hope


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