Government tends to stick to failed policies

Posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I have never met Ken Burch (My Turn: "Raising Tomorrow's Leaders" on Aug. 1), that I know of, but I would like to so I could shake his hand and tell him right on.

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Anyone besides me ever wonder why we never hear anything about the "war on poverty"?

Clue: It's because it was another lost war.

How about the "war on drugs?"

Clue: The meth heads won. I wasn't able to buy Bronkaid the other day because the pharmacist had gone home for the night. I had no intention of going home and mixing up a batch of toxic drugs; I just wanted to have some relief from a nasty chest cold. I didn't get relief that day, or the next day either. A large downtown pharmacy stopped selling the product because of required burdensome government reporting mandates.

The lawmakers in this country are wrong way more than your average Joe. But you'd never know it because of their inability to say, "We were wrong. This policy is not working. Let's figure something else out."

If the private sector blundered ahead when they were wrong, Americans would be living in the fourth world. Entrepreneurs know pretty quickly if something is not working, and they change tactics or perish.

Somehow, only our government is allowed to stagger down the wrong path for decades. That's because we have to pay them, regardless if they are doing their job correctly or not.

Linda Orr


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