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Posted: Tuesday, August 08, 2000

Title and firm: owner, Archery Outfitters

Services: Archery Outfitters sells and services archery equipment; Hadfield works with both traditional and compound bows. He and his wife, Phyllis, also make and sell their own arrows, and if customers buy equipment from him, Hadfield provides lessons.

Biographical information: Hadfield, 51, was born near the Utah border with Idaho, and later lived in Idaho. He met his wife while attending college, and in 1971, when she was offered a job at Bartlett Memorial Hospital, they ``packed up, moved up and have been here ever since,'' Hadfield said.

Before opening Archery Outfitters three years ago, Hadfield was maintenance operation supervisor for the Juneau School District for 23 1/2 years. He began hunting -- mainly deer -- with a bow while still in Idaho, and has been involved in archery in Juneau for seven to eight years.

Family: Hadfield and Phyllis have three children: Todd, 22; Paul, 21; and Jessica, 16.

Notable: There are not too many competition shooters in Juneau, Hadfield said, but there are quite a few recreational shooters -- he estimated about 300 Juneauites are somewhat involved in archery. The Juneau Archery Club runs one range in town; archers can also shoot indoors at Floyd Dryden Middle School. The biggest problem for aficionados in Southeast Alaska is the weather; keeping gear working correctly is hard, and ``just being out and trying to hunt in it'' is difficult, Hadfield said.

Quotable: ``(Hunting with a bow) is a lot more personal. You get a lot closer to the animals, you learn a lot more about the animals. The chances of getting something are far slimmer -- much, much more of a challenge.''

Employees: Hadfield and his wife run the shop.

Contact information: Archery Outfitters is located at 9209 Long Run Drive, or call 789-4287.

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