Criminal history as 'filler' inappropriate

Posted: Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Throughout the last few months I have been consistently disappointed by the quality and journalistic integrity of some of the articles the Empire has been printing.

There was an article titled "Police charge teen with theft, rifling through Valley vehicles" in Tuesday's paper. The article was well-written and informative, up until the last paragraph. I cannot find any justifiable reason to include Mr. Sparks' judiciary history, other than to cast the shadow of suspicion. Furthermore, the last paragraph was obviously "filler" (a little blurb added to complete the author's assigned word count) and totally unnecessary.

In keeping with the Empire's standards of journalism, this should be included in my letter:

In the past three years, Ms. Lager has been convicted of driving without a license and possession of tobacco. The charges merited a suspended sentence, community work service, fines and court probation.

Hannah Lager


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