Avoiding seniority disaster in Senate

Posted: Thursday, August 08, 2002

The Ulmer campaign has been aggressive in sending out the message that we must keep Frank Murkowski in Washington, D.C., to retain Alaska's seniority. Even a few Republicans have fallen for it. The argument is complete hogwash and a vast disservice to Alaskans. Ulmer is desperately trying to win the gubernatorial election at any cost.

Sen. Stevens continues to fight for us in D.C. and will probably remain there for many years. If Frank Murkowski stays in the Senate for another term or two, that would mean Alaska would most likely begin building seniority with both its senators at the same time, a disaster. This is an opportune time to begin building seniority with a new senator - Frank would appoint a replacement to fill out his term who places Alaska's priorities at the top of the list. If Alaskans agree with his choice, they can re-elect him/her at the end of the appointed term.

Frank and Nancy love Alaska. If they want to come home to be near their family after more than two decades of service in Washington, I say let them. Serving in D.C. should not have to be a life sentence! Elect Frank Murkowski to serve us as governor, where he will continue to pursue his passion about Alaska's future, sharing his expertise and vision for the good of all.

Deborah Luper

Eagle River

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