Pro-roaders: Please explain argument

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I read and read about the new road and the deteriorating ferry system. You can get volumes supporting either side. I personally have no strong opinion either way, however, I am convinced that Gov. Murkowski, through his lackey, Robin Taylor, is intentionally sabotaging the ferry system merely to advance a road he is intent on building, the world be danged (kind of like Bush and his quest for oil and saving Daddy's reputation).

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Either way, I have noticed how the proponents of the road have started saying how convenient and cheap driving out the road will be. Convenient? I don't know, what's the difference of waiting at a ferry terminal in Auke Bay or sitting at one to board smaller vessels, where you can look across the bay and see your destination but can't get there yet. Either my memory is failing me or the road proponents are hoping everyone else's memory is on the decline, because I seem to remember the state saying that the new road would be a toll road and that between the toll and the cost of the shorter ferry ride, the cost would be about equal to a trip to Juneau on the existing ferry. So please, someone, explain the convenience and cheaper part of your argument.

Or better yet, both sides start something both sides seem to have lost - truth, honesty and forthrightness. Or here's a really strange concept which is alien to Juneau, the state and our nation's governing bodies - how about giving the citizenry what it wants rather than personal agendas, secret backers' agendas or personal gain?

Bruce Hale


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