Binkley the obvious choice for governor

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Posted: Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Experience and Integrity. Two words that have been thrown around in positive and negative ways a bit too loosely this election season. Because the gas line is the most important issue that will affect generations to come, let's apply these two words to this subject.

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We cannot all sit across the table from the oil corporations and negotiate this complex contract. It ultimately comes down to trusting those we elect to represent us. Whether real or perceived, the current governor has lost the trust of many Alaskans putting his negotiating team at a marked disadvantage. No matter what they negotiate, it will be met with enormous and well-deserved skepticism.

When it comes to real-world experience that is relevant to leading the state of Alaska, look at the resumes of the candidates. John Binkley has worked on statewide issues while serving in the Legislature for six years. He has real-world experience building multibillion dollar operating and capital budgets that affect every one of the more than 600,000 Alaskans. Sure, Sarah Palin served as a mayor of a community of 7,000 or so and approved a budget of a few million, which does constitute experience, but is it truly the level we need and demand in leading this state during this critical time?

Binkley has operated a private business and served in public office for more than 30 years, and his integrity has been unquestioned. Picture this, when you step into the voting booth on Aug. 22. Who will you feel the most comfortable with sitting across the table from the oil corporations negotiating on behalf of the state? Who has the resume with real-world experience and knowledge to truly "take a stand" in the best interest of Alaskans? John Binkley is the obvious choice and the person I will be voting for.

Bruce Tangeman


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