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Posted: Sunday, August 10, 2003

Juneau-area marine boat anglers enjoyed another good week of halibut fishing. In the most recent survey, it took the average angler six hours to land a halibut. The five-year average is nine hours and last year it took eight hours to land the flatfish. The hot spots for halibut were around Vanderbilt Reef, Poundstone Rock, Lynn Sisters and Hawk Inlet. Halibut will continue to be abundant in the area until the latter part of August.

Coho salmon also are abundant in area waters, where it took an average of seven hours to land a silver. The five-year average is six hours and last year it took five hours to catch a coho. Most of the coho in the most recent survey were harvested from North Pass, the back side of Douglas Island and Point Retreat. Coho also were reported from South Shelter and Couverden. The coho salmon run typically peaks around the end of August.

It took the average angler in the Juneau area 96 hours to land a chinook salmon. The five-year average is 63 hours and last year it took 111 hours to land a king salmon. Chinook are being harvested from the back side of Douglas Island, Fritz Cove, Point Retreat and the Breadline. Chinook salmon should continue their annual decline in abundance through the rest of the year.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game increased bag and possession limits for pink salmon in the Southeast Alaska sport fishery. The new region wide bag and possession limits are 12 pink salmon per day and 24 in possession. These limits will remain in effect through Oct. 31.

Consult your sport fishing regulation booklet for further specifics on roadside regulations and fisheries in the Juneau area, or call the Division of Sport Fish at (907) 465-4270.

Provided by Bruce White of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Division of Sport Fish.

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