May speeding cars arrive safely

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Saturday I was driving the speed limit along Douglas Highway north of Lawson Creek when I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed a white car speeding toward me and then settle into the time-honored tradition of tailgating. Then to my amazement the car passed me, of course ignoring the solid yellow line and definitely ignoring that pesky speed limit. I sounded my horn as the white Chevy Cavalier, driven by a young blond woman, sped past me barely missing oncoming traffic. The car sped off and was out of sight in no time, but not for long because as I came up to the light at Egan, there she sat, finally slowed by a red traffic light.

I have noticed this phenomenon in the past: Cars speed past you and then you meet again at the next traffic light. I blew my horn at the offending car; the driver looked in the rear view mirror, noticed my car and seemed to look a bit sheepish. She may have gotten the point, but as the light turned green I realized that the only point this young woman in the white Chevy Cavalier got was getting from point A to point B as fast of possible. Then I noticed, as she sped through the intersection that her left front tire was a "donut" spare tire, the kind of spare tire that you are not suppose to use for long distances and definitely not suppose to use if you are driving like you are racing at Indy. That was the last I saw of her. She drove off into the sunset, weaving in between cars to make sure she got the pole position at the next traffic light.

I hope that the young blond woman in the white Chevy Cavalier arrived at her destination safely, but mostly I hope she arrived safely without causing anyone else harm.

Iris Frank


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