Don't make it harder to live here

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, August 10, 2006

After listening to the debate about extending the temporary 3 percent sales tax, I felt the need to make a few points myself. I personally feel that asking the voters to renew the temporary tax periodically is not only a good thing, but the right thing to do. It requires our city government to justify the various projects they wish to fund with it, and causes them to not rely on what would essentially become a "sure thing" if it were made permanent.

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If the tax becomes permanent, it would not take very long at all before we would again be asked to allow another 1 or 2 percent "temporary" tax to fund this or that project because the money already being taken in has been allocated for normal operating expenses.

Juneau is already a horrendously expensive place to live, and most of us live here because we love it. Please don't make it any harder to pay to live here than it already is.

Sandra Johnston


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