Alaska politicians are finally under scrutiny

Posted: Friday, August 10, 2007

I have been a reader and occasional contributor to the editorial page of this newspaper for many years, but I have never seen a more totally biased page than in the Aug. 3 edition.

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Please bear with me while I state some of my history - I have been an Alaskan for almost 30 years, arriving right at the tail end of the pipeline craze. I remember the ferry coming into downtown Juneau, south of the cold storage (when it was a fun town, before all the cruise ship diamond stores). I remember when the "new" Douglas Bridge was not even built yet, leaving the state was called going "Outside," and people were friendly.

My point is that Alaska was much different than it is today, even just 30 years ago. Both Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young were in office then, both of them for awhile. I am totally convinced they were playing dirty politics and probably taking bribes back then because it was so easy to do. It's only in recent years, with greater technology and more people living here, that they have been under greater scrutiny.

No, I do not believe that the "East Coast" is picking on Alaska because we have a small delegation in Washington. So do several other states. We're being put under scrutiny because we finally can be!

And to Linda Chandler (who wrote "Why is the FBI going after Alaska's U.S. representatives?"), the FBI is here because it needs to be. Former Rep. Tom Anderson deserves everything he got. He was crooked and a jury found him guilty.

We have to take the bad (our state becoming no longer wild, far away "Alaska") with the good (catching long-term politicians in the act).

Even Sen. Lisa Murkowski's "honesty" rings false. She only told the truth and sold back her ill-gotten land after she was caught.

I say get everything we can on Stevens, Young, Murkowski and every other politician who uses their office for personal gain so we can get them out. I have to make my way through the ever increasing summer downtown madness and walk through a boarded-up downtown in the winter while all the summer businesses spend money at home down south, so I might as well get something good out of this - better scrutiny of our state and federal representatives.

Lauren M. Swift


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