Don't let energy slip through the drain

Posted: Sunday, August 10, 2008

As a resident of Southeast Alaska and the chairman of the Ketchikan district for the Alaska State Democratic Party, I am writing this letter to express my interest in the evolving usage of energy in our country and in Alaska.

As most of my neighbors, I am frustrated with our high energy costs and feel that it is high time for us to invest in renewable energy sources that can be harvested domestically and without harmful consequences. This is why I am supporting Barack Obama and his energy policies. While they are beneficial to Alaska interests, they are also the most responsible course to ween our country off of foreign sources.

Obama doesn't support the $1.2 billion tax break for big oil that John McCain is proposing. Obama has proposed a energy tax break of $1,000 per Alaska family or $500 per individual. And, while I support the natural gas pipeline, I think it needs to stop here.

Obama also will promote domestic energy production on lands that have already been leased. He will take a "use it or lose it" approach to existing oil leases, requiring oil companies to develop the land they have - 68 million acres that are currently undeveloped - or turn it over to another company.

He'll also work to improve access to untapped and unconventional domestic energy supplies. As a resident of Ketchikan who is concerned for my family, my neighbors and my country, I urge everyone to please study these issues carefully as our prosperity is directly dependent on the policies and decisions of our leadership.

Amos Hopkins


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