Opposes new missile system

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2000

Nuclear free is the way to be, if Alaska is going to protect our children's future.

Half a century of a cold-war arms race, bankrupting and polluting our nation, and now we are told that one more missile system is needed.

After the government has taken the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons trash out of Alaska, then ask us if we want to be a target. Let us start the clean-up, identify, stabilize and inform the public. The leader in America for anti-nuclear policy is Native American activist and Green Party vice presidential candidate Winona ``No Nukes'' LaDuke running with Ralph Nader for president.

Another hot issue is factory trawlers stealing our fish and making our children go hungry. A fish cache behind every cabin, not campaign cash in every politicians' behind pocket. I have contacted our legislators about factory trawlers destroying everywhere they go, and we have cut the number of Alaska trawlers in half, but the children still go hungry.

Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend is investing nonrenewable royalties into renewable technology, oil into solar, as Dae Miles would say. U.S. Congress primary election candidate Dae Miles campaigns for a national dividend, just like Alaska's dividend. Dae Miles feels that bringing national attention to the ``dividend idea'' is the best way to prevent outside money from trying to buy our election to take away our dividend.

Percy Herbert


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