More details needed on road plan

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2000

I have heard and read enough from both sides about the road out of Juneau. Humbly, I am caught in the middle because I do not know either. To flip a coin to cast my vote for something I am not convinced of, or not to vote at all, but I will deprive my responsibility if I will not exercise my duty as a citizen.

I am not really against putting this issue in the ballot, but for the guidance of those like me, I suggest that both sides present to the voting public their respective reasons for favoring or against the issue. Better more if an impartial study by some respected authorities be laid out to the public.

I, for one, would like to know the following: The cost of the project, could we afford it, where will the money come from, what benefits will it bring to Juneau, and the cost of the year-round maintenance of the road. For sure we will need police patrol in the area or ambulance and helicopters in case of emergencies. How about rest areas? Who will maintain those?

Is it possible to collect toll fees from motorists, so as to compensate the expenses incurred and that will incur in the future?

Lastly, if the safety of the motorists is not guaranteed, we might as well put a sign: ``Drive at your own risk.''

Jose S. Ferrer


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