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Posted: Friday, August 11, 2000

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

The city voted the $3 million head tax to fund pretty much nothing but tourist-related items. What does the city think that it costs them to plant the flowers, increase load on the sewage treatment plants and sweep the streets? These are all costs the city incurred that relate directly to the tourists. What happened to that; what's going on with the $3 million?

Juneau is overcrowded by cars and unhappy people, so let's build a one-way road out of town like the person wrote before. That way they can leave, there's no problem with strangers driving into Juneau and also getting unhappy, OK?

I'd like to thank all the workers repaving Egan Drive for putting in such long hours and for doing such a beautiful job. Traffic flow has been very smooth and the road will be much safer in the winter.

Help! Pretty soon I'll need swimming fins because of the runoff down the end of my street. Fix the culverts and potholes; forget the road to Haines. We've wasted enough money on this subject.

Thanks Frankie, it's nice to have an alternative to the business-as-usual crowd on the assembly.

I'd like to thank Fish and Game for their decision on the red crab fishery around Juneau. I fail to sympathize with the commercial users who feel that because they're commercial they have a greater right to a resource than a personal-use user. In America it's equal right and it's equal access to a resource, just because a user is commercial, they shouldn't have more right to a resource than personal use people and other users.

When we vote for a road to the north we should also be able to vote for a road to the south. I'd like to be able to drive to Petersburg.

I would like to know who is responsible for planning and implementing the new traffic light on Stephen Richards and Loop Road. This intersection has become one of the most dangerous intersections in Juneau. There have been two accidents at this light already since it was installed and it's very, very dangerous.

If the serenity of our world and our surrounded community is too boring for you, if traffic congestion, parking problems and exhaust pollution don't bother you, vote for a road into Juneau on Oct. 3.

I'm a resident of Taku Boulevard. I notice they're finally pulling out those traffic circles, the big waste of money - things that didn't even help control speeding. May I suggest putting in something like the airport parking turnaround has, like the rubber speed bumps. They're removable in the wintertime but they would control the speeding because that's a big issue around here.

The Wednesday editorial was a good laugh. After the Empire discounted questions about the road cost and route, the writer urged Juneau voters to show up more than ``every two or four years.'' Guess what? We municipal voters do this every year. A little confused?

I enjoyed the article about the fair in Haines, I just wish you would have put information on transportation options for people to get from Haines to Juneau.

Who cares if George Washington was a rap singer during the Civil War? People who run things in 20 or 30 years will need to know how to manage money.

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