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Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2002

Here are just a few of the stellar DVDs that are heading to a library near you!

• "Pinero" - This energetic film is based on the life of Miguel Pinero, who served time in prison for drug-dealing and petty theft before turning his experiences into a Tony Award-winning play. Later, he founded a poet's café on Manhattan's Lower East Side and began crafting a style of poetry that has been hailed as the precursor to rap and hip-hop.

• "Lagaan" - In a small East Indian farming village, ruled by an arrogant Englishman whose word is law, unrest is brewing over the heavy taxes. The Commander makes the villagers a deal: If they beat the English colonists at a game of cricket, he promises they won't have to pay taxes for three years. Lead by Bhuvan, a young farmer, and supported by a young Englishwoman, the village steps up to bat. Intriguingly, the story is a musical, and has gotten rave reviews.

• "Therese Raquin" - From Masterpiece Theatre comes Zola's take on Romeo and Juliet. A young country girl chooses her lover over her husband, and the two conspire to murder the hapless man. Things go wrong from the beginning, and the web of love and guilt that hold her to her lover begin to fail, plunging the threesome into tragedy.

• "Pretty Village, Pretty Flame" - This Serbian-made film about the eruption of tensions between Muslims and Serbs in a town in the former Yugoslavia is based on a real event. As Milan, a Serb, recovers from a vicious firefight in the Brotherhood and Unity tunnel, he thinks of his childhood friend, Halil, a Muslim, with whom he watched the inauguration of that same tunnel. Now in a hospital that aids both Muslims and Serbs, Milan finds it hard to be in such close proximity to his recent enemies.

• "Visions of Light: the Art of Cinematography" - Even if you aren't a "how'd they do that?" film buff, take a look at this visual feast of clips from over 125 classic movies, with explanations from the cinematographers who created them. You'll see movies in a whole new light and appreciate the art that goes into creating them.

• "The Clinton Years" - Clinton's terms as president of the United States were marked by personal and political mistakes and scandals that almost cost him his presidency. Interviews with key staffers, advisors, and cabinet members give an inside look at life with Bill Clinton, from his years as governor of Arkansas to his presidency.

• "Sound and Fury" - This engrossing documentary examines the impact of cochlear implants on two brothers, one hearing, one deaf, who each have a deaf child. The hearing brother is concerned with giving his deaf son all the advantages his hearing twin will have, and the deaf brother wants to steep his daughter in the rich deaf culture that he and his wife share with millions of others. A fascinating view of a sociological, cultural, and medical question that few families have to face.

• "Sister Wendy's American Collection" - Discover the riches inside six of America's greatest museums with Sister Wendy as your guide. She visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Some of the more mainstream films are: "Deep End of the Ocean," "O Brother, Where Art Thou," "The Full Monty," "O," "A Man For All Seasons," "The King and I," "Forrest Gump," "Wizard of Oz," "Nosferatu," "Gosford Park," "Roots," and "Woodstock, the Director's Cut."

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