Juneau loses power for an hour

Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2002

JUNEAU - Electric power went out in Juneau for about an hour midday Saturday when something temporarily broke the connection from the transmission line from the Snettisham hydroelectric plant, AEL&P officials said.

"It was an areawide outage just before noon," said Peter Bibb of Alaska Electric Light and Power. "It took us a few minutes to look at all of our instruments, and we determined it was our Snettisham line that had the problem."

Snettisham, about 35 miles southeast of Juneau, supplies about 80 percent of the electric power in Juneau.

Company officials were able to re-energize the line, indicating that it wasn't damaged, and then they brought back the power in Juneau in stages. They planned to fly over the area where the interruption occurred, about nine miles from Snettisham, to determine the cause.

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