A penny for your ...

Posted: Monday, August 11, 2003

The Juneau Assembly wants to double the tax on cigarettes to raise money for the shrinking budget. This is taxing the minority of the residents in the borough for the common good of the community. I don't think this plan will raise the money they expect it will. All it will do is force people to find their products other places, whether it is through mail order, the Internet or even foreign countries.

If the city really wants to create revenue, it needs to tax something that the whole community uses. I don't want our good leaders losing all their hair by scratching their heads to try and figure out what they should tax, so I will give them the answer. This tax will affect everyone regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or lifestyle. The city should put a one-cent-per-roll tax on toilet paper and a one-cent-per-box tax on facial tissue. (This is to catch the tax evaders.) Since Sears quit mailing out catalogs, the alternatives are extremely limited. It's time to put the tax burden on everyone, not just one user group.

Gary Young


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