Time to pull together

Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2001

For those people who opposed tourism, you may not have to worry about it much longer.

It appears that those individuals mounting the effort to move Legislative sessions to the Anchorage area have considerable support and very little visible opposition this time around. If successful, everything that supports the Legislature will also either go north or go out of business. I can only guess at the number of jobs and business that would be affected but it would be dramatic.

Just look what has happened over the past six years with the Knowles administration, and other before it. A considerable number of commissioners, department heads and specific jobs have been quietly moved out of Juneau. I also have to wonder why the governor has vehemently opposed the road out of Juneau and supported fast ferries. You can't move a road up north but certainly relocate ferries to other areas.

Once everything connected to government is gone, what will be left to support our local economy? You guessed it tourism. Unfortunately, there's a certain element of people working hard to make sure that isn't a viable industry either.

It seems to me that we can either pull together as a community and once again help defeat the session move and support the industries we do have, or we can pack our bags, sell our homes before property values drop and head north to where the new capital will eventually be.

Jerry Johnson


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