ATV rider asks: What happened to Alaskans?

Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am ashamed that the Juneau Empire printed such a letter from Bob Hunsick (" For the public good, please don't let ATVs have North Douglas," Aug. 1).

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The letter oozed with stupidity and wrongful statements. As an avid all-terrain vehicle and Harley rider, our family is very responsible. We have never driven drunk (I don't drink), stolen peoples things or torn up the lands. We own an apartment complex and pay high taxes, commercial water rates and commercial garbage/sewer rates. The only thing we get a small break from is oil rates, and that's only a few cents (3.19).

With all the legal trails here in town, I am sure Hunsick is driving his SUV or car to them and polluting my air as well as causing more ruts on Egan Drive and Douglas Highway. I can't drive my ATV anyplace to enjoy.

I, too, have been plowing the neighborhood like Stephanie Mooney ("ATV riders own homes and are responsible," Tuesday's Empire) so I can get what enjoyment time I can from riding the ATV. I started plowing the area when I got on our new plow ATV and couldn't find reverse. So I went forward around the neighborhood plowing until I made a loop back to home. I have been plowing Mendenhall Loop sidewalks from Trinity to Floyd Dryden, Haloff and all the sidewalks here on Tongass Boulevard and Glacier Valley School sidewalks ever since. I enjoy doing it and I get to ride the ATV, and not to mention it's helping the city guys out, too. It is also keeping my children and everyone else in the area on the sidewalks and off the streets in the winter, so they won't be hit by a car.

I am out there plowing with each snow fall. I plow strangers driveways and burms from the plow trucks. I don't steal from their yards when I plow. I was taught better than what Hunsick thinks of ATV riders. Does Hunsick help out others in a nonselfish way?

Hunsick's letter stating that all ATV riders are thugs, thieves and tax invaders is dead wrong. Wake up Juneau. Is this the kind of man everyone has turned out to be? I surely hope not. I moved here in 1984 with family because of the friendly people and the scenery. In the paper lately, all I have seen is selfish arrogant people who scream "not in my backyard" or who state foolish lies.

What happened to the Alaskans I knew when I moved here?

Erin Heywood-Anderson


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