It's time for a new face in Washington

Posted: Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I think that we can all agree that U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens has done a tremendous job the past 40 years of bringing home the bacon to Alaska, and I wish to thank him for his service to the state.

However, Uncle Ted is now 84 years old and will turn 85 in November. Do we really want to send him back to Washington, D.C., until he is 90, if he lives that long?

My point is that Stevens should retire and relax before he dies on the job. And I for one plan to help him enter retirement by working to elect Mark Begich.

Begich is 46 and is in his fifth year as mayor of Anchorage, after easily winning his bid for re-election. He is very well known and popular in his hometown, but here in Juneau we aren't very familiar with him. Knowing this, he came to visit us and marched in our parade on Independence Day and opened a local campaign office downtown on North Franklin Street in the old Arts and Humanities location. He also is coming back to Juneau this month for the annual Democratic picnic.

If you think that 40 years as a senator is long enough, please consider Begich and take some time to visit his Web site or his Juneau office to learn more about him.

Kierke Kussart


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