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Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Low winds and high currents lead to the only race that was started being called off after an hour, and the boats being towed in.

Louise Miller / Submitted Photo
Louise Miller / Submitted Photo

"It's true, they do work much better if there's wind, but I'd still call the day a success," said JYS president Carl Brodersen. "We had a great mix of youth and adults, and enthusiasm was high."

Though the results are invalidated by the abandoning of the race, at least one boat from each division was able to finish: Nikki Dawson and Gerald Gotschall without Spinnaker, and Nick Waldo and David Mendivil with.

Because the race was called off, alternative competitive categories had to be devised to determine winners for the day. Racers Dawson and Gotschall won "Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality" for their positive spirit, and Waldo and Mendivil were voted "Most Patient" and "Best Eyes," respectively.

An onshore barbecue and social made up for the disappointing weather.

"We're grateful to all our student and parent volunteers for helping make the day a success," JYS board president Carl Broderson said. Well done, team. The weather does what it will do, and we just have to try our best. Wind or no wind, these boats are great. It was an awesome day."

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