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Posted: Thursday, August 12, 2010

Each of the Juneau public libraries has its own collection of large print titles and there is very little overlap between them. Use Advanced Search and set the format to "largeprint material" to pull up a list of items at all libraries, add a branch location to narrow your search down, or include an author to find your favorites in large print format.

The Devil's Star, by Jo Nesbo

Fans of Nordic Noir will want to put Nesbo's books on their list. This is the third in Nesbo's Inspector Hole series, but reading it as a stand-alone, if you're impatient, will whet your appetite for more. Hole is trapped in Oslo's summer heat when he's assigned to investigate the murder of a young woman found with one finger amputated and a small red gemstone inserted under her eyelid. At first the inspector, a recovering alcoholic going through a rough patch, would rather let his partner handle things, but as the case progresses and the bodies accumulate, he is drawn in to the puzzle and its eventual grim conclusion.

Heart of the Matter, by Emily Giffin

Told in alternating chapters from both Tessa and Val's points of view, this is the story of a romance, a marriage, and a burned boy and his surgeon. Tessa and her husband Nick are celebrating their seventh anniversary when his pager goes off and he rushes to the hospital to meet his newest patient, Charlie. Charlie has been injured in a campfire birthday party that his single, protective mother, Val, has only reluctantly let him attend, and her guilt is overwhelming. Nick finds the little boy, just a little older than his own daughter, immensely appealing, and all too soon the bond he's developing with Val begins to be more than just reassuring. Giffin lets her characters tell their own stories in a way that leaves out the blame and lets readers see how complicated life can be.

Requiem in Vienna, by J. Sydney Jones

With one of Gustav Mahler's lovers crushed to death by an accidentally loosed fire curtain, and Johann Strauss already buried, Alma Schindler, one of Mahler's would-be mistresses, is convinced that someone is after the composers of Vienna. She hires Karl Werthen, an aspiring private investigator, to look into the theater's darker side before one of the increasing numbers of attempts on Mahler's life succeeds. Werthen, with the aid of his wife and business partner, Berthe, and his newly-hired associate, Tor, is more than up to the task. Who is behind the "accidents"? The head of the professional applauders organization, which Mahler doesn't allow at his performances? The music critics who have also been summarily excluded? A former friend whose requests for musical assistance have gone unanswered? Or someone with an entirely non-musical motivation?

Super, by Jim Lehrer

Once, when trains were the mode of choice when traveling cross country, a former Hollywood producer, a dying millionaire, former president Harry Truman, and actor Clark Gable find themselves together on the Super Chief going from Chicago to Los Angeles. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but the eventful 39-hour trip mostly really happened. A washed-up producer gets a new idea handed to him on a platter. Clark Gable gets a haircut and has his womanizing reputation tarnished. A porter named Ralph hides a stowaway. A sick man dies. Truman is confronted by the former assistant director of the Atomic Energy Commission But not everything is as it appears in this novel that follows the rhythm of the train it is named for.

The Fifth Servant, by Kenneth Wishnia

On the eve of Passover, 1592, a small girl's body is found in a Jewish storekeeper's shop in Prague's ghetto. Charges of blood libel against the shopkeeper befoul the holiday and threaten to undo what peace the Jewish community has reached with the surrounding Gentiles. It is up to Benyamin, a newly arrived rabbinic student, to find the real culprit before the two communities begin to attack each other in earnest. Wishnia takes readers back to a time when Christians routinely and openly bullied Jews, and it took a combination of courage, wit, and humility to survive the harassment. Details of speech, environment, and culture, have been researched thoroughly, so that this is as much a historical novel as a fascinating mystery.

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