Sealaska is a great steward of land in its care

Posted: Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Southeast Alaska, there has been prolonged discussion and occasional rancor over legislation specifying where and how Sealaska Corp. can select remaining land entitlements, and I find myself a member of organizations that are on every side of the issue.

However, there's one viewpoint that hasn't been voiced. As a professional forester for 40 years, and as a Certified Forester who has extensively looked at Tongass National Forest and Sealaska land, I can say there is no doubt whatsoever that Sealaska does a superior and outstanding job of forest management.

Sealaska practices extensive silviculture, produces peer-reviewed research, tailors harvesting decisions to the land, and buffers sensitive areas more extensively than required by law. Alaska forest practices law, now 20 years old, remains outstanding natural resource law, and Sealaska manages its land to an even higher standard to increase long-term shareholder value. But perhaps more importantly, Sealaska produces value today where federal ownership would produce much less for all Alaskans. Not only jobs, but more deer and other resources are produced because of Sealaska forest management.

All three of our people in Congress have worked this legislation, and no matter how unlucky the process has been, Sen. Lisa Murkowski has staked out the high ground through her hard work. Please vote to keep her on the job.

Tom Boutin


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