Parallel Universe

Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2000

The universe is what interested me, Aimee Chavitz. I gazed in vain at the heavens above trying to see past them. I thought that if I looked hard enough, I could see what lay behind the shining balls of light.

That night I fell asleep with the sky smiling down on me.

I traveled through a brightly lit tunnel that came to a stop at a clear, jelly force field. I touched it and got pulled through to a white room. A door suddenly opened to reveal a young woman. ``Welcome to the Parallel Universe. I'm Aimee Chavitz.''

I was speechless.

While we walked along the futuristic city, Aimee explained her society.

Their world time and all works backward. For example, they travel into the past while we go into the future. They can travel that way because, as Aimee explained, ``Time doesn't exist. It's just something people invented to stay organized.''

As for looking like me, it appears that everybody on Earth has a double in the parallel.

When she was done explaining I asked, ``You've explained all but one thing. Why am I here?''

``You are here to learn about the parallel and to tell your world about it through story,'' replied Aimee.

``There's a slight problem with that. I'm not a writer.''

``Oh, you will be. Now come, it's time to leave.''

Five years later --

Award-winning author Aimee Chavitz stood in front of the sea of people who were the first to hear her latest story.

``A dream I had about five years ago prompted this story. I have put it into words and I hope you will enjoy it.'' She took a deep breath and began,``The universe is what interested me, Aimee Chavitz . . .''

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