Future Story

Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2000

You asked when I would be writing scripts, well I am working on a story that could possibly be made into a movie of epic proportions. It's the story of a young kid, who, when younger, was raised on one of those crazy kiddie leashes. The first half of the film we see this kid, this child, growing up, wearing the leash, looking around. What does he see? Dogs . . . dogs on leashes, kids running free in parks, kids eating ice cream, dog food commercials, kids throwing balls, dogs fetching balls. His parents want him to be the world's greatest Ultimate Frisbee player.


Twenty years in the future and our protagonist works in an airport sniffing for drugs. He befriends a pigeon who lives on the tarmac. They travel to Asia in a cargo plane. The pigeon is brutally, mistakenly murdered in a high-stakes card game by the Mafia. Our man goes undercover, learns kung fu from a Zen master. There is a car chase to Egypt. A Britney Spears World Tour concert is a huge cover-up to smuggle genetically unaltered French produce into America.

He is on the verge of uncovering the syndicate's sinister boss -- the phone rings. His father has died, his mother wants him to return home and compete in the Ultimate Frisbee state championship. However, the country is torn apart by post-apocalyptic civil war. He is framed by a crooked FBI agent, thrown into prison for outstanding student loans. The prison (and get this) is on Mars!

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