Brooks, Stringer pair tops Twosome

Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2000

The tireless twosome of Wesley Brooks and Jesse Stringer won the Toilsome Twosome running race Saturday on the Brotherhood Bridge Trail.

Brooks and Stringer, both members of the Juneau-Douglas High School cross-country running team, covered the estimated 3.5-mile course in 24 minutes, 9 seconds.

The event paired runners, one who ran the paved version of Brotherhood Bridge Trail while the other ran the parallel, mud-and-dirt version. Runners met and exchanged ribbons and turned around to finish at the start. Each team was timed after both runners reached the finish.

Brooks and Stringer made the event look easy. Both said they've been running 50 to 60 miles a week during the summer, and Stringer attended the Steens Mountain Running Camp in southeast Oregon with 11 other teammates.

``(Running) is all we do. We have no lives,'' joked Stringer, a junior and the reigning Region VClass 4A cross-country running champion.

``Running is like what I do for fun,'' Brooks said. ``That's my excitement.''

Teammates Kevin Almlie and James Voelkers finished second in 24:46, and the duo of Reed Willis and Breanne Rohm clocked 27:40 for third. Glenn Frick, the only non-JDHS cross-country member of the 34 runners entered, teamed with Greta Thibodeau to place fourth in 28:21.

JDHS coach Guy Thibodeau accompanied the team to Steens Mountain, and said it was an incredible team-building experience.

``There were a lot of team challenges,'' said Thibodeau, who favors running drills that emphasize team camaraderie. ``They had a 5K race through the wilds, down cliffs, through the sage, with barbed wire all over the place and the whole team had to come back together, all 15.''

They slept in Army tents and had no showers - yet Thibodeau said the camp turns away runners every year.

``It really teaches you about struggle, and struggling through and overcoming personal odds,'' Thibodeau said.

Matt Voelkers, Axel Thibodeau, Brian Nowlin, Greta Thibodeau, Emily and Molly Krehlik and Heidi Denton attended the camp in addition to Stringer, Almlie, Rohm and James Voelkers.

Thibodeau started Toilsome Twosome seven or eight years ago, he said, after watching a similar race in Anchorage. Originally the race was run at the Mendenhall Glacier campgrounds.


Results of the Toilsome Twosome running race held on the Brotherhood Bridge Trail Saturday.

1. Jesse Stringer-Wesley Brooks, 24 minutes, 9 seconds; 2. Kevin Almlie-James Voelkers, 24:46; 3. Reed Willis-Breanne Rohm, 27:40; 4. Glenn Frick-Greta Thibodeau, 28:21; 5. Christina Bruce-Justin Dorn, 29:01; 6. Jordan Davis-Kyle Thibodeau, 29:02; 7. Axel Thibodeau-Jordan Gray, 29:16; 8. Matt Fosket-Weston Eiler, 27:19; 9. Guy Thibodeau-Elizabeth Eley, 30:32; 10. Buddy McCrummen-Gabe Hayden, 30:27; 11. Emily KrehlikPhoebe Rohrbacher, 31:44; 12. Ephriam Froelich-Nick Yankee, 32:15; 13. Veronica McCoy-Melissa Adams, 32:18; 14. Brandon Andrews-Joyce Andrews, 32:19; 15. Matt Voelkers-Aera Hoffman, 32:30; 16. Jenny BaxterNancy Hakari, 34:53; 17. Liz Brooks-Jo Marshall, 36:10.

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