Outsiders: Tara Jeans

Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2006

Occupation: Accountant.

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Favorite outdoor activities: Biking, running, kayaking and any activity that involves her daughters. "I have 25 close girlfriends that run with me. We run every Saturday morning and get together during the week and do some runs," she said. "There's always support there and the girls are just wonderful. I also run with my boyfriend. You have to get outside. It's a beautiful town and you just have to take advantage of that," she said.

Cool experience: "Boogie boarding in the summer at Auke Rec. You just lay on the board and paddle in the water," she said. "One time I was with my oldest daughter (Jordan, 13) and she just grabbed the board and headed out to the water. It took me awhile to get in but we were in the water for a couple hours. When I was with my youngest daughter (Tess, 11) we were just out there floating...waiting for the ferry waves. It's fun."

Close call: "In the spring I was running (on the East Glacier Trail) and I slipped on the ice. My feet were over my head and it was all in slow motion. There were no injuries so I was able to keep running."

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