FBI is investigating for a reason

Posted: Monday, August 13, 2007

(In reaction to Linda Chandler's Aug. 3 letter "Why is the FBI going after Alaska's U.S. representatives?")

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There's an easy answer to the FBI's investigations into some of our ethics-challenged (note Republican) Alaska legislators. The answer is they are corrupt and greedy individuals who should be in prison not on Capitol Hill.

They are not advocating for the average Alaska worker - but for the special interests that seek to exploit our state and their own personal greed. These investigated members of Alaska's legislative body are in the pockets of the big oil and big development companies to promote the oil industry's interests, not the interests of the working class.

I say make the legislators pay the price all of us would have to pay for these crimes: prison and fines. Maybe this would send a message to state government officials and greedy Alaska company officials. It is time to listen to the average Alaskan rather than the selfish mineral or oil industry lobby.

Duncan Munro

Auke Bay

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