Vote yes; add fluoride to Juneau's water

Posted: Monday, August 13, 2007

When have you last worried about scurvy, rickets, dysentery and polio? Thanks to the usage of vitamin C, vitamin D, chlorine and vaccines, I have never heard or read anything about these health issues in Southeast Alaska. These health concerns are usually subjects studied in history classes or seen in underdeveloped countries.

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We now have a chance to include dental cavities on the list of health problems that can be lessened here. Water experts can add fluoride to our water. They would do this with complete training, knowledge of the proper amount and regulations to ensure their health and the health of the people of Juneau.

The American Dental Association has endorsed community water fluoridation for preventing dental cavities since 1950. Ask your dentist and consider the response of a professional when you make this decision.

Please vote yes to add fluoride to city water in the election on Oct. 2.

Sara H. "Sally" Willson

Auke Bay

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