Weekly Whale Feature: 'Stumpy'

Posted: Friday, August 13, 2010

Name: Stumpy / NOAA No. SEAK 0556.

Courtesy Of Jay Beedle
Courtesy Of Jay Beedle

Gender: Not known.

When to look: See this whale on and off from mid-June through the middle of August.

Where: Stumpy can be seen anywhere in the Juneau area the bubble feeders are feeding. This type of behavior is seen often in the Pass, near south Shelter, in Young Bay, near Point Retreat and near Aaron Island.

Markings: Stumpy's flukes are all black. The best clue to identifying Stumpy is the right fluke, which has been cut off. Its sharp, hooked dorsal fin is also a good identifying feature.

Behavior: Stumpy is a bubble feeder. Stumpy has been known to bubble feed from early in the morning to late at night. And, unlike most whales, Stumpy's tail does not usually come out of the water before it goes for a deep dive.

Notes: Based on observations, Stumpy's right fluke was cut off sometime around the first week of May in 2006. However, despite the injury, Stumpy seems to get along just fine.

• The "Weekly Whale Feature" is compiled by Jay Beedle, a longtime Juneau resident who makes his home on Shelter Island. He is a photographer and co-owns Harv and Marv's Outback Alaska which offers whale watching tours during summer months. For more information about his photography contact Gretchen Pence at gretchenpence@islandimagesalaska.com or at 789-0089.

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