Goodbye from a reporter

Posted: Monday, August 14, 2000

I wish I could pack all of you up in my luggage and take you with me.

Though many Juneau folks have heard me complain with volume about the rain, the rain, the rain and the rain, I'm already missing this fantastic town.

There are specific people and places that will be particularly missed, but I will also fondly remember the community as a whole including the tailgating on Egan Drive, the porcupines, the politicians, both Dave Lanes, the state workers, the tuna melts at Bacar's, the softball, the brave independence of Douglas, the music, the basketball, Jeff Brown's balloon poodles, the trails, the volunteers, the ancient culture, the activists, the fresh air, the mayor's cackling laugh ... the varied and many things that make Juneau what it is.

Eventually, I'll probably even miss the rain, for rather than gazing at the steep fjords of Juneau, I'll be squinting over the flatness of Lubbock, Texas. I'm trading water for dust, porcupines for armadillos, cool for hot, salmon for steak, Taku winds for tornadoes, reporting for editing, ferries for roads, the known for something new.

I'll be back someday.

Thank you, Juneau, for a generally wonderful 4 years.

Svend Holst

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