Hammer vs. Avon lady

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2003

Is Skin-So-Soft now the excuse we have for not protecting our children from the elements? Let's oil their little bodies down and send them to school. For the parents with children at Floyd Dryden with an Avon lady this is a no-brainer.

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Avon calling

Hey, why not a bear habitat next to Dzantik'i Heeni so the students can get a real lesson in biology that they can't get in their classrooms? We can give them bells on their shoes and pepper spray. We don't even have to import foliage from another project to accomplish this. Just let the weeds (alders) grow up all around there and the biology class will come to them. An innocent little alder patch? Why cut it down? Our middle school students can study bruins from a stones throw. Why is it that when a society becomes so wise in its own eyes that it makes itself a fool? What is the purpose of allowing the wilderness to encroach on civilization when civilization is the attempt to protect itself from the encroachment of the wilderness? It seems we "cut, blast and fill" to fend off the elements so that our children (who most of us hold in higher esteem than a bear or a bug) can survive long enough to go on field trips to study the subject of their choosing. I think my grandchildren would survive longer behind Connie Tonsgard's hammer than Ed's Avon lady.

Kirk Ziegenfuss





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