Fair on ferry fares

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2005

It is obvious from recent Letters to the Editor that the road to Skagway continues to be an emotionally charged issue. I agree that readers deserve accurate information. Unfortunately, and with all due respect to Messrs Gruening and Collins, we're not quite there yet.

First, Andrew Petty's article does state clearly that the fares quoted are one-way. Also, the fares quoted are correct ... unfortunately, they are for the past Fall-Winter-Spring period (the immediate give-away is mention of the fare for a vehicle under 15 feet, which is available only during the "off season"). Finally, in addition to the 10 percent fuel surcharge, there also is a 10 percent add-on for travel on the fast ferry. So, the $251 to Haines is correct, but the fare to Skagway would be $328 instead of $301.

One additional observation ... to imply that the article is suggesting current ferry travel is reasonably priced is unsupported. In fact, the article states "Yes, it's expensive but that's the nature of the area we live in."

Mr. Petty's article appeared to me to be "just the facts" which, unfortunately, were not updated with the summer fares when it was time to go to press.

Harvey Knuth


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