Be safe on the roads

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2005

On Aug. 7 our son was in an accident with his motorcycle. A driver of a truck pulled into the lane that Joe was in. The next thing Joe knew, he and his bike were under the truck.

I know that this was an accident and that the driver feels terrible that it happened. We all, as motorists, are not as watchful as we need to be all the time. Sometimes we get distracted or we just don't see something until it is too late and we hit it with our vehicle. I would like to remind Juneau to remember, when the sun comes out so do the bikes. Please take extra care. Be extra watchful of other vehicles on the road.

If there are any bikers out there that don't wear helmets, I would ask that you rethink that decision. That helmet saved our son's life. The day after the accident was my birthday. My birthday gift was that I got to change the bandages on my son's arm and did not have to pick out his casket. Be watchful and be safe.

Sandra Tagaban


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