Look for an alternative site for proposed park

Posted: Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We would like to address the conflict regarding the hotly contested proposed all-terrain vehicle park in North Douglas. Our property sits immediately in front of the proposed park (approximately 300 feet from the back-lot line), so we have some viably serious concerns.

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While we are not anti-ATV, we are opposed to the location of the proposed park because our property will be immediately and harshly effected. Our biggest concern is the dramatically increased noise level. We've both grown up around ATVs and know the amount of noise that just one, much less a pack of them will make. Being forced to listen to that all day and night will negate one of the main reasons we own property in this area.

And while it is understood that most riders are responsible and respectful, we have all seen what happens to areas that are abused; Dredge Lake and Echo Cove, for example. Unfortunately, the track record isn't pretty.

Contrary to some opinions coming out of North Douglas, many folks in this area are sympathetic to the riders' needs and agree they need somewhere to play. We're confident that an alternate location for the park can be found, but it's obvious that to locate the park in the immediate backyard of a residential area is unacceptable.

A side note: The ugly cannonballs being lodged back and forth lately are causing many stakeholders in this project to lose focus and get unnecessarily nasty. It is uncalled for to pigeon-hole people who live in a particular neighborhood or who enjoy a certain activity. Accusing all ATVers of being destructive, irresponsible thieves is just as lame as accusing all North Douglas residents of being a privileged class of rich, racist elitists. Calling each other names, repeatedly retaliating and assuming attitudes will only further antagonize the situation.

Let's refocus and work toward a solution.

Herky Deppnerand Andrea Paulick


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