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Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Title and firm: Manager, Sweetpeas Consignment Shop

Services: Patrons bring childrens clothing ranging from infant sizes to preteen size 12 into Sweetpeas, which sells the clothes and splits the profits with the former owner either 50-50 or 60-40, depending on the condition of the clothing. The store also consigns childrens furniture, bedding, toys, books and games.

Family: Ford is single and has two daughters, Porsche, 35, and Amber, 33. She also has three grandchildren: Sterling, 5; Tanner, 3; and MacKinzie, 10.

Biographical info: Ford was born in Colorado and moved to California with her family in 1948. She grew up there and came to Alaska in 1980 with her daughters. They moved from Kodiak to Anchorage, where Porsche stayed, then to Fairbanks, where Ford and Amber settled. In 1996, Amber moved to Juneau and decided to start a consignment shop. When her partner backed out about a month before opening, Amber called her mother and asked her to come and help. Ford did, and the shop opened in December 1996. Though Amber has since moved out of Alaska, the store remains under her ownership and is doing well. Recently, it expanded to include more sizes of clothes.

Notable: In addition to selling clothes, Ford said, Sweetpeas operates as a sort of extended family for its clientele. Patrons still come in and ask about Amber, and Ford watches their children grow. The moms come in here and theyre pregnant, and then they bring their little tiny one in here and then it seems like just a few minutes later theyre running around the store, she said with a laugh.

Quotable: Of all the places Ive been I like Juneau the best. I like the city. I like the people here; I like the idea that its sort of isolated, that you cant drive here. I feel very safe here besides, its absolutely beautiful.

Contact information: Sweetpeas is open 10-6 Monday through Saturday and 11-3 Sunday. Its best to call first; the number is 789-4466. The shop is located at 9328 Glacier Highway next to Valley Restaurant. The Web page is

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