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Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2004

I was suspicious when I read the article in the Aug. 5 edition of the Juneau Empire regarding fund-raising by District 4 candidates Bruce Weyhrauch and Bob Doll. The article stated that candidate Weyhrauch has raised $51,487 compared to candidate Doll's $9,303. My first thought was that Weyhrauch is either the most prodigious fundraiser in Juneau's history or there was something wrong with the numbers. I read the Alaska Public Offices Commission campaign disclosure statement and found that candidate Weyhrauch started out the campaign period with $43,246 in the bank from his previous campaign. That puts the fund-raising of both candidates in a very different perspective.

It's hard enough for a candidate when his opponent is allowed to have such a head start. It's even harder when the media misrepresents his efforts.

Bob Doll is an excellent candidate who will work hard to stop the largest exodus of jobs Juneau has seen since the oil crash of 1986. Under candidate Weyhrauch's tenure Juneau has lost over 50 state jobs, including personnel from the Alaska Marine Highway, state procurement, and Alyeska Central School. A vote for Bob Doll is a vote for a candidate who will stand up for state employees.

Kim Metcalfe


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