A same-sex marriage

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2004

Here's my two cents on the "same-sex marriage" issue. Alaska, itself, has already passed the constitutional amendment against this that's now proposed for the entire nation.

Briefly, this is a quickie-fix solution born of lawmakers and citizens suffering from the most serious of all organizational and social maladies. This is cause blindness: a relative inability to recognize the source of problems in order to perceive workable solutions.

Let me show you. Same-sex marriage opponents and proponents both fail to recognize how marriage originated as a part of religious practice. However, due to laziness and ill-education, several generations of Americans have permitted government to unconstitutionally make laws concerning marriage, instead of properly distinguishing a secular civil partnership for these laws to apply to.

Thus, prior grotesque violations of the First Amendment have allowed government to use marriage, a properly religious institution, as a basis to regulate what is really civil partnership, a properly secular institution.

This produces the apparently insolvable problem of people trying to defend their practice of religion against people, with different lifestyles and beliefs, seeking equal rights under the law. The point is that they are both right, and yet they are both wrong for trying to use the force of government, in an anti-constitutional forbidden way, to enforce their beliefs and opinions on others.

Thus each side is literally trying to do to the other exactly what they are objecting that the other side is doing to them. Military people describe this sort of mess as FUBAR. ("beeped" up beyond all recognition).

Do you think the self-righteous defenders of religion and the self-righteous defenders of different lifestyles will band together and get Congress to clean up this pool of legal vomit? Unfortunately, the more ill educated people are, the more their natural human competitiveness turns vicious.

This makes it simpler to blame any bad condition on others, brag that one is infallible for being on the right side, and do nothing but pray or hope one's "enemies" are obliterated. Alternatively, let those willing enough to be different speak up for successfully solving problems.

Stuart Thompson

Auke Bay

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