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Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2004

In his Aug. 9 My Turn article, Lisle Hebert said he doesn't understand how anyone can support President Bush or the Republican Party. I will list some of my beliefs. It will be clear which party will support these beliefs, and you will know why people might support Republicans:

I trust a president that trusts God more than he trusts himself.

Abstinence is reasonable and should be taught.

Abortion is murder. Better my son die in Iraq than be butchered in the womb at the direction of his mother.

God intended marriage to be one man and one woman.

Freedom of speech is for everybody, including the "religious right."

Equal opportunity is more consistent with freedom than quotas.

Poverty doesn't cause vices and crime; vices and crime cause poverty.

Discipline facilitates education. Rules for kids are necessary for their development. School dress codes are appropriate.

The people can manage business, medicine and education better than government can.

Corporations keep more people employed with their millions than Hollywood actors do with theirs.

Criminals are responsible for their crimes.

We should not subject ourselves to nature. We should manage it wisely, but we must balance it with other human needs.

We should not subject ourselves to the world. A wise government consults its allies, but if we are going to subject ourselves to the world, we might as well throw out the Constitution, dismantle our government, and design another flag.

I do not know if it was right or wrong to go into Iraq or if Iraqis will even take advantage of it, but I know those people have the best shot at freedom they will ever get, and the opportunity came because we acted.

I read the Democratic Party Platform. I am sure they want nothing to do with me.Why should I vote for them?

Regarding the religious comments: Mencken's quote that Mr. Hebert referred to ("It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into") is more significant than he knows. Reason has to come first, and it did. It was that word that in the beginning "was with God, and ... was God."

There can be no reason in us if we do not exist for a reason. We cannot exist for a reason without having been made for a reason. We cannot be made for a reason without pre-existing reason: God.

Kurt Cox


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