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Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2004

I read with some dismay Mr. Christensen's not-so-subtle mockery of the American political process. His suggestion that a cartoon character might mount a successful senatorial campaign represents either his disdain for the electoral process, his disrespect for the current candidates, or his desire to suppress the rights of all citizens to voice their support for a particular candidate. Coming from a person who once declared himself a write-in candidate for mayor without deciding to vote for himself, this unpatriotic diatribe makes clear Mr. Christensen's intention simply to mock without substantive criticism of the candidates or issues.

The real candidates for Alaska's open Senate seat should be left to their issue-oriented, high-minded campaigning without interference from the likes of Mr. Christensen. Indeed, Tony should be left to decry the advertisements that Lisa's campaign supposedly didn't support, and Lisa should be allowed to condemn Tony's negative ads. Tony cries nepotism, Lisa invokes the supposed specter of John Kerry, and somewhere current state politicians engage in intra-party squabbling about who is and who isn't a real conservative. Meanwhile, citizens write letters to the editor accusing each other of anti-American sentiments simply for voicing their opinions, and the Democratic and Republican parties pour money into the campaigns hoping to make people see that gay marriage either does or does not threaten the fabric of our very existence.

All of those things should be allowed without invoking a comparison to the cartoons. We are, after all, talking about the people we are willing to trust with our land, livelihoods, and future.

Hmm, in retrospect, perhaps Mr. Christensen did have a point after all ... .

Michael LeVine


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