Stifle your anti-Bush comments

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2004

In regard to Dyle Hein's letter I must say that I was confused. I don't see how John Kerry, a man who, yes, fought a war, and, yes, opposed it as soon as he got back stateside, could possibly do any better job defending the homeland than our current commander-in-chief.

I'm glad that "we are still unable to carry toenail clippers on airplanes." Would you rather be able to bring sharp objects onto a loaded passenger aircraft? Get real. Tell that to one of the deceased that perished in 9/11. They would think that still isn't strict enough, wouldn't you agree? You're one of those people who hate the way things are until it saves lives or prevents a catastrophe.

On another note, how dare you call our president a tyrant. Calling President Bush a tyrant is putting him in the same league as Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. I want to know what country you're from or think you're living in. The president might have made some decisions that some don't like, but to call him a tyrant is lowering yourself.

Do you really think that John Kerry would take as much action as our current leader does on terrorism, or do you think he would negotiate with terrorists? If you want someone who would bow down to terrorists' demands, then by all means, show that you would like that when you vote.

I can't believe members of the armed forces (including myself) are fighting for people like you. You should definitely be ashamed of yourself. As a member of the Department of Homeland Security, I have seen more changes for the better than the worse. This goes out to all of the Bush haters. Keep your anti-Bush comments to yourself. I bet Osama and his boys are loving you people. Dyle, I am all for the freedom of speech, except for you and others like you.

Kevin Landry


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