Carlos Boozer is settling into life aboard the QM2

Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2004

ATHENS, Greece - It's hard for a hotel to make a lasting impression on NBA players who spend much of their year bouncing from posh hotel to posh hotel.

But this hotel does - because it's floating in the Piraeus Harbor.

Carlos Boozer and the Dream Team are staying on the Queen Mary 2, an $800 million ship that was launched in January.

"It's beautiful," Carlos Boozer said.

Boozer has a room with a view of the city. He and his teammates haven't had much chance to play on the ship yet, but they know they have plenty of options on the 14 decks.

"There's something to do on every floor," Boozer said. "If you want to go swimming, if you want to play putt-putt, if you want to go to a movie, it's really remarkable."

Boozer said that there are several teams on the ship, including the U.S. women's basketball team.

In his free time, Boozer hopes to get a chance to see the Parthenon, watch Maurice Greene run and check out some synchronized swimming. Yes, synchronized swimming.

"I love track and field," he said Friday when asked if there are any Olympic events he wants to see. "That's the ultimate, to go so those guys do what they do. I want to see our women play (basketball). I want to see things I wouldn't see if I didn't have the opportunity to be here, things like synchronized swimming."

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