Disappointed with Senate president

Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It was disappointing to read this morning that Senate President Lyda Green and others have ceded their legislative prerogatives to the governor. While there is no question of the governor's authority to call a special session to convene on a certain date and to ask that certain subjects be considered, it is the Legislature that alone sets its procedures, including the time and location of its meetings and the scope of its final agenda.

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The Legislature is a coequal branch of our tripartite government, along with the judiciary and the executive. To say that the governor can tell the Legislature where to meet is akin to the governor telling the judiciary where it must hear a case. The governor is entitled to her opinion, but it is only that. It is for the Legislature to determine where it will hold its session. And for the upcoming special session it makes both governmental and fiscal sense for that session to be here in Juneau. Fortunately, a majority of House members have agreed with that.

Dave Dierdorff

Retired legislative attorney


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