Benson the best pick in Dem primary

Posted: Friday, August 15, 2008

On Aug. 26, voters in this state have the chance to take the first step toward sending a remarkable and courageous person to the U.S. Congress.

Her name is Diane Benson.

Benson is a former Teamster truck driver, who earned a master's degree while raising her son by herself.

She has had exemplary careers as an academic, a writer and a documentary filmmaker.

In the truest sense, Benson has lived the modern Alaska story.

Benson has courageously spoken out against the insanity of the Iraq war, and for decent treatment of the wounded veterans of that conflict, one of whom is the son she raised.

In Congress, Benson also will be a fighter for ordinary working people and for all those left out in the cold by the heartless, arrogant policies of the last eight years.

Benson's Tlingit roots go back centuries longer than Alaska has existed as a state, giving her a special connection with all the peoples who make this place home. She is tough, strong, eloquent, and at the same time open to listening to all the voices of Alaska.

In the last campaign, with no support from the state or national party, Benson received 41 percent of the vote, holding Rep. Don Young to his narrowest victory in 14 years. Despite this, the national Democrats have recruited another candidate to run against her.

By voting for Benson, you'll be telling the Beltway, special-interest Democrats that it's not their place to dictate who should and shouldn't be Alaska's Democratic congressional nominee.

And if you want to see for yourself, you can attend the Democratic picnic at Sandy Beach this Sunday, where Benson, along with other candidates, will be speaking.

Do the right thing on Aug. 26. Ignore the heavily funded advertising, put aside the hard-sell from Washington, and help send a real Alaskan - a fighter for Alaska - Diane Benson.

Ken Burch

Volunteer in the Benson for Congress campaign


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