Jambaars head home

Cook Inlet Soccer Club's Velocity team beats Juneau 1-0 in semifinal Thursday

Posted: Friday, August 15, 2008

After winning two games and tying one, the Juneau Soccer Club's U16 boys team, the Jambaars, were defeated by the equally matched Cook Inlet Soccer Club's Velocity 93 boys team, from Anchorage, on Thursday in the semifinals of the 2008 Alaska State Soccer Cup, held Aug. 11-16 in Fairbanks.

Game 4 semifinal, Aug. 14

CISC Velocity 93 Boys 1, Jambaars 0

Scoring - CISC Velocity at 70 minutes on a free kick from the 30 yard line on the left side of the field to the right goal side that was then tapped in.

Shots on goal - Adam Nesheim 1, Andy Lawson 4, Ben Gelotte 3, Max Smith 2, Rhett Bennett 2 and Riley Paul 2.

Corner kicks - Ben Gelotte 3.

Saves - Goalie Taylor Lehnhart, 3.

Goals allowed - Taylor Lehnhart 1.

Yellow cards - Three to Velocity players, one to Raphael Betit.

Notes: The second game against the CISC Velocity was a seesaw battle until the 70th minute when the Velocity they scored on what originated as a free kick. The Jambaars held possession for a majority of the first half but the Velocity began to slowly gain ground in the second half as Goalie Taylor Lehnhart had three saves.

The Jambaars had scoring opportunities in both halves, including three corner kicks, numerous shots on goal, and several free kicks but could not find the net. The Jambaars gave up four corner kicks in each half and a number of free kicks, one of which the Velocity converted to a goal. Late in the game, the momentum was shifting back to the Jambaars but time ran out. With the loss, the Jambaars are out of the tournament.

Game 3, Aug. 13

Jambaars 0, Cook Inlet Soccer Club Velocity 93 0

Shots on goal - Adam Nesheim 2, Andy Lawson, Ben Gelotte, Max Smith, Peter Jorgensen, Rhett Bennett 2 and Riley Paul 2.

Corner kicks - Ben Gelotte and Adam Nesheim.

Saves - Goalie Taylor Lehnhart 3.

Goals allowed - Taylor Lehnhart, none.

Yellow/none cards - Ethan Krauss, CISC Velocity.

Notes: The Jambaars completed the preliminary round of the State Cup with a 2-0-1 record, good enough to advance to the semifinals. The game was physical, with the Velocity dominating early in the first half but the Jambaars slowly gaining control throughout the remainder of the half and a good part of the second half. The Velocity had a very difficult time penetrating the outstanding Jambaars defense of Nathan Fosket, Devin Bertholl, Raphael Betit, and Sage Thibodeau, but Taylor Lehnhart did make two saves in the first half and one in the second. Despite some great scoring opportunities including two corner kicks and five shots on goal in each half, the Jambaars were unable to find the net. The game ended in a scoreless tie.

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