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Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2000

. . .for bike support

I'd like to thank all the people who made the Tour of Juneau and the Juneau Freewheelers cycling season a great success. Over 30 riders participated in at least one of the four races, which is outstanding participation. It would not have been possible without race directors and volunteers.

Lou Edwards directed the prologue and road race as well as an outstanding final awards ceremony at Lena Loop. Lou also volunteered at the time trial. Rose Welton and Scott Fischer organized the Eaglecrest hill climb. Lyda Travis organized the time trial with help from Dennis Travis, Tim Travis and Bernie Sorenson. Caro Polley, Mergne DeSmet and Carole Edwards assisted in the prologue. Bill Cummings, Bill and Barbara Johnson, Rose Welton, Carole Edwards and Dennis Travis assisted in the road race. All this volunteer help was greatly appreciated.

Our club sponsors gave generous awards and door prizes throughout the year. Juneau Racquet Club, Mountain Gears, Taku Smokeries and Valley Lumber were excellent sponsors. Foggy Mountain Shop and Adventure Sports gave special door prizes for the Kluane relay. Foggy Mountain Shop also has donated storage space for club race supplies.

A special thanks goes to the riders from out of town who participated in our races. Dan Harrington, Dan Kelliher and Steve Williams were excellent competitors and are always welcome in Juneau.

Without support of our sponsors and active volunteers within our club we could not put on events throughout the year such as Bike to Work Day, Tour of Juneau and our many races.

Corrections: In my first e-mail of the standings, Betsy Fischer should have had 24 points (as listed in the paper). I double-checked Chris Scholes' points and the e-mail total is correct (not the paper). He finished fourth. Another timing slip-up resulted in Friday's time trial times being listed a minute faster than they actually were (if you keep records the time listed would be a formidable PR), but we don't have to tell anyone that . . .

Dave Ringle

. . . for Habitat help

Habitat for Humanity, Greater Juneau Area Affiliate and First Ladies Build gratefully acknowledge the following people for the time, talent and resources they contributed to our ground-breaking ceremony on July 1.

First Lady Susan Knowles and Karen Newton of her staff; Demi Reber and Ken Belanger of Sign Pro; Don Kussart, Northland Services Inc.; Rev. Larry Rorem, Shepherd of the Valley Church; Rev. Tom Dahl, Aldersgate Methodist Church; Leif Saya, Violinist; and CBJ Parks and Rec.

Thank you.

Sandra N. Gast

Habitat for Humanity, Public Relations

. . . for senior donation

On behalf of Juneau's older citizens, I want to publicly thank the Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary Club for their recent donation of $500 to the Juneau Senior Center. The senior center offers activities and services for senior citizens throughout our community, assisting them to maintain their health and independent living. Its best-known service is the hot lunch program, including Meals On Wheels, which reaches out to homebound elders with nutritious meals and daily safety checks.

This year, the senior center incurred thousands of dollars in unanticipated expenses due to a temporary relocation (during renovation of the Mountain View facility). The generosity of the Rotary Club makes a meaningful difference to help us overcome these one-time costs. The people of Juneau are fortunate to have groups such as the Glacier Valley Rotary Club to support valuable causes in times of need.

Marianne Mills

Nutrition Coordinator

Southeast Senior Services

. . . for garden support

Southeast Alaska Master Gardeners thank you for printing a feature and photographs of the Garden Tour on July 22 and July 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. The weather was a bit wet for company in a garden. We sold $790 worth of tickets. If people did not make it to all the places listed, they did contribute to next year's scholarship fund.

We saw that most people came to pick up the maps wearing good raincoats, so they were prepared to enjoy the event.

The feedback has been excellent. People said they learned much, enjoyed talking to real people about Juneau gardening, were surprised at certain plants, loved the architectural enhancements, paths, places for children, ponds, water features, fountains, pet pens, statues, growing arrangements and other things they had not considered or dreamed of.

Next year, we will divide the borough into two sections. Juneau/Douglas one day and the Valley/Out the Road a second day. We will also sell the map/description guide at two locations just before the tour time period and do away with the tickets. One trip to start garden touring would be easier on people.

Thank you for the assistance in making Juneau folks become more interested in their surroundings and learn how to make their areas a better place for production, pleasure and beauty.

Susanne and Sandy Williams

Co-presidents, Southeast Alaska Master Gardeners

. . . for cancer support

This is a thank you note to all the people of Juneau for all the support that we have received for cancer patient Natasha Williams. Our signs always start with fundraiser for cancer patient Natasha Williams. The fund raising has been to keep this young family together during her radiation treatment, which will take place in Anchorage. There is Ryan, 11, Chelsea, 8, and Casha, 4. Casha was with mom when she started her KIMO and saw her mom's hair fall out; being with mom made the experience seem as the way things are done. Natasha being a very wonderful mom made it easy for her child to understand. The two older children stayed here in Juneau and went through Play Therapy. Natasha is always aware of the need to help her children out to understand what she is going through. It is hard to stand back and not admire the way she interacts with her children, mostly the strength she has. Since she has been back from Anchorage, after KIMO treatment, she has held a garage sale at Gruening Park Rec. every week this past month. There have been so many people that have been wonderful in helping, and just a ragtag group that has no skill in fund raising but each week assisted in the fund raising. They managed to give up parts of their weekend to help out. This past week the starts of 50/50 tickets at the bingo have helped out. Natasha has been dedicated to raising money for her family so as not to rely too heavily on any social organization. The kindness of our community has been greatly appreciated. She has a few more weeks here at home, then it's off to Anchorage with her young family. Again, thanks to all the great people that have given up their time to do the fund raising and to all that have made it a part of their weekend to stop by and see us at Gruening Park Rec.

Helen Frank-McKoy

. . . for cruise tour

Thank you to Princess Cruise Lines, Kirby Day, Assistant Cruise Directors David and April and other staff of the Dawn Princess for the outstanding tour you provided for the Cub Scouts from Pack 10 on July 20. The tour was entertaining and educational for all, and a number of scouts have already changed their career plans as a result. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with our children; you were very generous and we appreciate it!

Rebecca, Shaun and Adam Nesheim; Larry, Allison, Ruth, Matthew and Christopher Talley; Anitra and Nick Waldo; Deb, Peter and Alex Erickson; Sara Minton and Jon Twomley; Cindy, Tyler and Payton Ronne; Lance and Randy Greer; Ray and Elliott Cashen; Dominic Lodovici; Nick Allred

. . . for tournament effort

To the Juneau 9 and 10-year-old All-Stars: Congratulations on being the winners of the 1st SE District II Little League 9-10 year old Tournament. And to the winning pitcher of the championship game, Blaine Shaishnikoff, we look forward to seeing you in the future, you did a great job. To the parents of the All-Stars, our housing parents and families enjoyed having your players in their homes.

Debi McMahon, Tournament Director

Karen Severson, Tournament Co-Chair

. . . for crisis support

Many, many thanks to everyone's support, love and prayers during the loss of my brother, friend, uncle and great-uncle, George E. Williams Jr. We the Williams family want to also thank all the organizations that supported our family during this difficult time. A special thanks to Copy Works for all the wonderful photos that we got to share with all our family, friends and all our relatives.

May God bless you all.

The Williams family

. . . for helping family

I am taking this time to thank everyone who helped me when the tragic news came about my dear son Stephen Wilber Lindoff. I thank all the people who helped and all the donations that came in. I appreciate the prayers and good thoughts from everyone! This helped us go through our tragic time. Again, Thank you for coming through for me and my family!

Jennie Lindoff, Cathy Lindoff, Roxanne Lindoff, Suzanne Lindoff, Crow Smith and Baby Stephen

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