Airport, dike trail can exist together in peace

Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Thank you for publishing the article on the airport dike trail. (Laurie Ferguson Craig, Juneau Empire, July 28, 2000). This is the best article I have read summarizing the benefits of Juneaus most-used trail.

Additionally, the article documents that the airport traditionally has been a good friend to the environment. I would like to remind readers that the trail is man-made entirely on airport property; it is maintained by the airport enterprise fund, and not one penny of general tax funds are used for trail maintenance.

Now the airport needs to modify the terrain to achieve new standards for runway safety. I am confident that, with good planning and help from Mother Nature and Father Time, any disruption to the environment will be temporary and it will be restored to a condition even better than before.

David C. Miller

Airport Manager, Ketchikan International Airport

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