Ghost of the Times

Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2001

After reading the inappropriate Opinion/editorial by Lorene Kappler and Dan Johnson, I must respond. The two most important aspects of polling are the wording of the questions and the size and voter demographics of those polled. Since neither of these aspects has been made public, much less the actual results, second- and third-hand comments about the poll are meaningless.

I will comment on straw men and red herring. It is simpler to blame perceived enemies, as the Opinion/editorial authors have done to environmentalists, rather than develop constructive paths of action in politics. Stepping back from the poll, the only people calling for a capital or legislative move are the same Anchorage/Mat-Su types who have advocated it in the past. Nothing has changed. Environmentalists and residents of Southeast are not pushing the move. Juneau may not have the 90 percent regional support as we did in the past, but it is a fact that the Ghost of the Anchorage Times is again leading the anti-Juneau charge.

I suspect that the authors' hue and cry against all environmentalists really indicates a closing of ranks among pro-development zealots. Yet again, it's based on one poll that very few have examined for its actual worth. I can assure you that environmentalists throughout Alaska are voting with Juneau against the capital move once again, but the local Chamber and the Alaska Committee should let us know if you don't need our help and support. I'd be happy to get the word out, statewide.

Chip Thoma


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