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Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2001

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How about we include bears under the Borough Leash Law. That way if bears are wandering around unsupervised, they can be picked up by animal patrol officers and held until someone claims or adopts them.

Ted McIntire

There were a few Letters to the Editor in last night's paper slamming publisher Don Smith. The negative comments were illogical and downright mean-spirited. I find Don Smith's editorials refreshing and I look forward to reading them. Keep up the good work Don!

Linda Snyder

I applaud the guest editorial written by Lorene Kappler and Dan Johnson. In order to keep the capital in Juneau, we have to send the appropriate business-friendly message to the rest of the state. That will also ensure that we have jobs and job opportunities for all businesses in Juneau. Good writing and good thoughts.

Kirby Day

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